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The Remote Control Doesn't Work on your TCL Roku TV

If your remote control is not responding to any push of buttons, please check the following: 

*Note:  If your remote does not have numbers or does not look like the image above, click here.

  • Assure that there is a clear path between the remote and the remote sensor located in front of the TV.  For example, if you have a sound bar, make sure it's not blocking the TV sensor.   
  • The remote may not be aimed directly at the TV or at an optimal distance.  Try aiming it directly and at different distances.
  • The batteries in the remote may be weak, dead, or installed incorrectly. Adjust the batteries if they are installed incorrectly, or replace all batteries.
  • Reset the remote control by removing the batteries and pressing any button for 60 seconds, then re-install the batteries.

Additional Test
For this procedure, we’ll need a smart phone, or a digital camera with a live display.

Some cameras will show the IR signal better than others. It might be best to check the IR emitter in a darkened room. The below examples show what the IR emitter should look like while pressing the button. This test should be performed by pressing the power button, as with the enhanced remote, this button should always output an IR signal, instead of an RF signal.

As you can see, the emitter shows up better in a darker room with the camera used, and it might be harder to see in a brightly lit room. Both photos show the same remote being tested.

If no light is seen from the IR emitter, then the remote should be replaced. If the remote is emitting an IR signal, but the TV still does not turn on, ensure that the IR receiver is not being blocked by a sound bar or something similar. If there’s clear line of sight, and the TV still does not turn on, then the issue could lie with the IR Receiver.

TIP:  Be sure to check out the Roku remote app for tablets and smartphones.  It will allow you to use the Roku mobile app using WiFi and contains a keypad for easier entry of user names and passwords.

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